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Ntshwarele Baiki


                                        Doc Mokone Profile


Mataboge Gabriel Phokwane was born at Ga Matlala Legopane under Fetakgomo-Tubatse Municipality in Limpopo. His love of music started in 1991 as he made drums using empty tins and started imitating each and every song played on the radio.


In 1995, a certain band came to his village. That’s where his love of music took another turn as he got opportunity to play with real instruments. He played with that band for the whole year.


His brother Simon, saw his experience and in 1997 he took him to Serageng Ga Mampana where he introduced him to Mr. Vim Moloke Moswathupa, the then one of the Promoters in Limpopo. He played for his Live Band and met artists like: Penny Penny, Masemza, Joe Shirimane and Lemmy Chaoke.


He later partnered with Canny and they both released their debut album titled Makgolo waka, in 1998. The album became a hit whereby it played a huge role in most wedding celebrations across the Province.


In 2002, Doc and his brother Simon, went to Benoni in Gauteng Province where he was introduced to The Breeze Records by Dapeit Mamogobo Moshidi. He worked in the studio with Amolia Sefoka, Sdumza, Joseph Nchabeleng and Sunrise of Christ {The disabled Group] at He later joined MJ Studio where he worked with Mr. Mohlamonyane, Kgopotso, Volley Nchabeleng, Stanley Chiloane and Sello Nikie Nikie. 


In 2003 he released his Volume 1, titled Batamela Sweety under the Stage name@Doc Tsa Manyalo. He then opened his own recording studio in 2007 and released volume 2, titled Donkey dia raga. Because of the success in the Wedding Genre, he went on and released 15 more albums.


In 2016, when MokgodzeakaD Pro Label formed MAKAD Live Band. They appointed him as the band’s team leader, because of his experience and the knowledge of various music instruments and the Band backed Mponi’s Live Performances , on her debut album titled Dula Lenna. 


Doc as he is affectionately known, plays all Genres of Music. In 2017, he released Sepedi Traditional Album {MANASI – Combination of Modern And Natural Sepedi Instruments}, titled Matsobane. In 2019 he released a Gospel album for Gamola Church, titled Modimo wa Mehlolo. The album is played in all Gamola Church gatherings.


In 2020 he released House Music, Album, titled Ke Sentxeng. He worked with various artists such as Master Kortese, Ozzy-Nation, Jerry Boy, Cool Jay Plk, Tsubi London and 071 Nelly the Master Beat as a Producer and the album was released under MokgodzeakaD Pro Label/MAKAD.


The album consists of songs like Ntshwarele Baiki, Lepidipidi, Ga Mmaserole etc and the whole album is welcomed by many on the dance floor.


The song Ke Sentxeng is available as a Caller Tune on Vodacom and Mtn Networks.


To have the song on Mtn, Sms: 4931114 and send to 30180


On Vadacom, Sms: WT9915193 to 1178 


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